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Telehealth Resources

Individual Sessions:

  • If you are joining telehealth individual session with your provider, you should get a direct link to your specific session via email. Please use this email link to join your individual session.

  • Individual sessions are held through Simple Practice only at this time. 

  • Please check out this Simple Practice FAQ section to help you get familiar with Simple Practice Telemental Health interface. 

Group Sessions:

  • If you are joining telehealth group sessions, please use the email link you received from Microsoft Teams. You can use this application through a website browser or through the free Teams app on your computer or device.

  • You will be placed in the "waiting room" until the meeting begins and automatically see the screen change to the meeting room, which looks similar to Skype, Hangouts, Duo, or Facetime interfaces.

  • You can learn more about Microsoft Teams by accessing these videos offered by Microsoft. 

Basic technology requirements for ANY form of telehealth:

  • Have a smart phone, tablet, or computer that has access to WiFi or internet connection.

  • If you can, download the free apps for either Simple Practice or Microsoft Teams. Do this by searching your app store for the specific application you need.

  • Consider earbuds or headphones with a microphone for privacy and to help you better be able to hear what is going on. 

Rules or Guidelines for using telehealth platforms (for individual and group sessions):

  • Find a quiet, well lit place where you can be alone during your entire session. Please make arrangements to prevent interruptions or intrusions into your therapy time.

  • Be ready to join the meeting or session five minutes prior to your session start time.

  • Consider using headphones or earbuds with microphone if possible for confidentiality and the confidentiality of others in your group.

  • Do not record your sessions to protect your personal health information and for confidentiality.

  • If you are joining a group conversation, consider muting your microphone to prevent others from hearing any distracting background noise. 

  • Under no circumstances can you join an individual or group session from your vehicle while driving! No exceptions. We highly recommend you do your sessions inside if possible but if you can prove your are not moving and in a safe location, you can join sessions from your car. Some people find this is the most quiet and confidential place to join meetings. Just remember not to run your vehicle in a closed space such as a garage. 

  •  You will have access to download documents given at group sessions through the Teams interface. Please be sure to download and keep those for your own personal records.

  • For group sessions, you cannot join group sessions late. You need to be on-time to each session as they will start at exactly the time mentioned on your invitation. Please be prepared to join your group at least 5 minutes prior to start time in order to eliminate any issues.

  • If for some reason you cannot hear your facilitator through your telehealth application, please notify them using the chat portion of the interface. It may be possible for your counselor to start a telephone call to help with audio but stay on the video application as well. This is a state requirement in order for us to count your session and bill insurance/ other resources. In the event this happens, MUTE your microphone on the video interface. While you may not be able to hear, others may still be able to hear you. 

  • As always, in the event of an emergency or mental health crisis, call 911 or report to your nearest emergency room!

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