Therapy Animal 

In Loving Memory of Jack

This page is dedicated to the memory of Jack! Jack was always super excited to meet people and help them find ways to be brave. He was a registered Pet Partners therapy dog for almost nine years and was also an approved play therapy dog through the International Institute for Animal Assisted Play Therapy for almost five years. Jack loved making new friends and bringing smiles to their faces. He was adopted from Come Bye Border Collie Rescue and moved to the country after being a city dog most of his life. He wanted everyone he met to know that he care about them. He liked to volunteer at Chancellor Center, spend time with his girlfriend Izzy, and go out for cheeseburgers. Even though Jack's birthday wasn't known for sure, we always celebrated it on Christmas Day because he was such a gift to everyone who had the joy of meeting him. Jack was also awarded the Pam Rusch Spirit award this year for all of his hard work. We are proud of him for all the lives he touched and good he did for others. He will be forever missed.